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The Flaxby Collection represents the best in British craftsmanship, with every bed in our range being hand built by master bed makers, from the coiling of springs to traditional methods of manufacturing.

Advanced Technology

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The mattresses in the Flaxby Collection contain some of the most advanced spring technology available; a pocket spring core with a layer of mini pocket springs form the unique DNAir spring system. Designed to fit the contours of your body, this system relives pressure points and provides unrivalled support while you sleep.

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DNAir Pocket Springs

Each DNAir pocket spring has small perforated holes in the material. When the springs compress, air is pushed out from the pockets and into the natural fillings that sit above. This encourages air circulation; keeping your mattress dry and fresh.

Springs for the Flaxby Collection are available in soft, medium or firm tensions, allowing you to choose the firmness that is right for you. You can even have different tensions on each side of the mattress if you and your partner have different comfort preferences. Available with a Zip & Link Options or Split tension to ensure you and your partner both have the perfect level of comfort.

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Natural Fillings

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From sumptuous Egyptian cotton and silk, to luxuriously indulgent cashmere, each unique combination of natural filling blends and innovative spring technology will ensure you have an unparalleled sleeping experience, where you wake feeling well-rested and refreshed.

The Flaxby Collection contains natural materials within the upholstery of each mattress. Layers of natural fibres provide an extremely comfortable sleeping surface, which helps to regulate body temperature. These recyclable natural materials also help safeguard the environment for future generations.

Make It Your Own

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Select one of our hand-crafted headboards to give the perfect finishing touch to your Flaxby Collection bed. With three designs that can be upholstered in your choice of luxurious fabrics, these headboards really enhance the look of your mattress and divan.


Storage Options

All of our Flaxby Divan bases contain 1000 pocket springs. These are positioned equally across the surface of the timber base, and are designed to provide additional support and durability to your Flaxby Collection mattress.

If you require extra storage space, there are a number of drawer options available within our Flaxby Divan bases, so you can tailor your base to be just right for you and your bedroom. These useful storage drawers are made from high quality, ethically sourced wood, and can be upholstered, along with the divan base, in your choice of fabric.


Split Tension Options

If you and your partner prefer different comfort levels, your mattress can be made with a split tension. The DNA pocket springs in the core unit are made with different diameters of wire, creating the perfect levels of comfort and support for both sleepers.


Zip & Link Options

King size and super king size mattresses are also available with a zip and link option. The bed comes as two mattresses that zip together in the middle. This is a great option for ease of access and making it easier to rotate the mattresses.